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What they Said

On On Drugs:

"Wow. Chris Fleming is (somewhat secretly) one of the best writers and minds in Australia and On Drugs is just brilliant. This is searching, insightful, compelling, and best of all, funny. Get on it.” Robert Lukins, author of The Everlasting Sunday and Loveland.

"Engrossing, intelligent, satisfying, and often very funny. Belongs on a shelf next to DeQuincey and William S. Burroughs." Phillip Lopate, Professor of Writing, Columbia University, author of Being with Children and Bachelorhood, editor of Best American Essays and Best American Short Stories.

“Chris Fleming is in a league of his own.” Jonathan Gavin, screenwriter of The Beautiful LieThe Secrets She Keeps, and Cleverman.

“Probably won’t read a better Australian book this year than Chris Fleming’s remarkable On Drugs.” Sam Twyford-Moore, author of The Rapids and Cast Mates.

“The best memoir I’ve ever read.” Laura McPhee-Brown, author of Cherry Beach and Little Plum.

On René GirardViolence and Mimesis

"What Fleming says about the wider implications of mimetic theory for the general culture at this time is I believe uniquely profound. His familiarity with the anthropology displaced by structuralism and beyond is remarkable and his ability to think in interdisciplinary terms unusual. I did not know the conclusion would be so original and powerful. I know of no achievement equivalent to these pages anywhere." René Girard (1923-2015), winner of the Prix Médicis, "immortal" of L'Académie Français, author of Violence and the Sacred and Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World.

"Fleming's book is clearly the best general introduction to Girard's work and thought, which he lucidly situates in the context of contemporary critical and anthropological theory and in its complex relationship to Christianity." Eric Gans, Distinguished Professor, UCLA.

"The main focus of interest generated through a reading of Fleming’s book would have to be the salience of Girard’s work to cultural theory. This salience is, I would say, a potential, yet to be realised, and it would be difficult to imagine a more cogent overview and catalyst to such engagement than that provided by Fleming’s book.This is an important book, superbly written by a scholar whose understanding of Girard’s theorisation is exceptional." Victoria Grace, Professor Emeritus, University of Canterbury

On Modern Conspiracy: The Importance of Being Paranoid:

“This opulently researched book is probably the only one you need to read on this topic.” Andrew McKenna, Professor Emeritus, Loyola University

"Modern Conspiracy reveals conspiracy as the glue that binds truth to fiction, reason to madness, politics to fantasy, sex to revolution. Even the debunkers are in on it. Scholars, scientists, politicians, writers and citizens, take heed." John Hartley, Distinguished Professor, Cardiff University

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